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Flatrate Utilities Programs

Flatrate utilities provide several unique programs for its customers. This is done in order that we do not leave anyone behind. Here is how it works. The customers will chose the program that best fits his or her budget and Flatrate-Utilities will do the rest. Join Flatrate-Utilities and win the "Battle of the Budget".

Flatrate-Utilites.com will provide the first of its kind "Yearly Utility Line Of Credit" or "YULOC" for short. It will become the tool that will act as a line of credit at those points when the customer is above his/her Flatrate. The hypothetic agreement for the duration of the contract provides immediate acceptance of the customer by the company. When the contract is over, the agreement is over. No strings attached.


Our Platinum Program is for those customers who qualify for our trademarked "Yuloc" service on their own through their credit worthiness. These persons will pay the regular membership fee and be provided with "YULOC" through our MasterCard program. YULOC is our yearly utility line of credit program. These customers usually have a credit card and/or bank account already in place.


This is our Gold Program for those customers that may have a little trouble qualifying for the "YULOC" program. These customers will pay the regular membership fees plus one-month advance Flatrate as a deposit for YULOC. These customers usually have bank accounts but no credit cards in place.


This is our Silver Program for those customers that do not have bank accounts or credit cards and normally cannot qualify for our "YULOC" program. These customers will pay a $150.00 fee and will be issued a Flatrate debit card account. These persons will be responsible for paying all of their utility bill amounts for the first six months of membership plus required to escrow in over the six-month period a deposit equal to the Flatrate amounts. At this point these customers will be provided with YULOC through our MasterCard program. They also will be provided with the same value added services through the Flatrate debit such as: international phone calls for $0.25, transfer of funds for $0.25, use of debit card at ATM machines nationwide to extract funds and etc.