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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Flatrate-Utilities be used anywhere?

Yes, Flatrate-Utilities uniqueness is designed to be used in any parts of the world. The customer does not have to change utility providers to receive the savings!

How does a homeowner or business owner quailify for Flatrate-Utilities?

A customer must have had at least six (6) months of utility history payments before he can be accepted into Flatrate-Utilities. We prefer twelve (12) to eighteen (18) months history in order to provide a more accurate and designed individual program.

How does Flatrate-Utilities make money?

Through its' membership fees and affiliates. The $8.00 per month membership fee is practically free when one looks at the additional services provided the member.

Will my utility services be interrupted?

No, your services will continue to be provided to you by your same utility provider. We will save you money through our unique management techniques.

How do I know that my bills have been paid?

Our contract requires us to charge your credit card or bank account each month for your assigned flatrate. Any amount over that flatrate we are responsible for paying on your behalf. You may call your utility company to assure yourself that this has taken place.

What is YULOC?

YULOC is the acronym for Yearly Utility Line Of Credit. It is a new product/service presented and developed by Flatrate-Utilities.Com, Inc. to give the customer the ease of mind in knowing he has power behind his utility bill payment!! YULOC provides the line of credit when a customer is above his assigned flatrate.

What is I-Tabs?

I-TABS is the acronym for Individual Telephone Accounting and Bookkeeping Services. This unique service is provided to members free of charge thus saving them $8.00 per month in fees, an annual value of $96.00. TABS allows you to keep up with all your expenses on a daily basis.All one has to do is make a phone call, give your account number and the information is recorded for you immediately. Don't worry if you lost a receipt, you gave it to us, we have it for you.

Why does Flatrate-Utilities provide access to the weather channel?

It is important for the customer to know what the weather is going to be in their part of the country or the world. This will allow the customer to further their savings by adjusting their thermostats a few degrees to save energy.