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We know that everyone use and has a need for utilities. We also know people like to save money whenever possible. Our concept is kept simple. We take your utilities in a bundle, (electricity, natural gas, water, long distance, cable and the internet) and consolidate them. In some of our programs we create up to a 15% saving for you in the first year and apply it in the your second year to further reduce your flatrate. We want to educate and assist the customer in the management of their utilities and provide peace of mind plus simplicity in their lives.

We founded "Flatrate-Utilities.com" to do for residential and small business customers what large energy management companies have been doing for large corporations for years. Through our performance-based concept, we are able to save time and dollars for our clients. While giving them a complete peace of mind about their utilities. One monthly payment, one rate for one full year.

Flatrate-utilities will allow the customer to update non-efficient appliances, plan for vacations and other life pleasures that's generated while partnering with us. At Flatrate-Utilities, we don't ask you to make yourself uncomfortable by requiring you to turn your thermostat up or down during the seasons. We realize this is unfair to the customer because people have different comfort levels, certainly that is a decision you will have to make. However, in some cases, it will further enhance a saving created by the customer with the use of our program.

We look for errors on the customers original bills and if found we will immediately notify the customer. We also will attempt to make each customer a stockholder during the length of his/her contract. Therefore, making them have ownership in the company and how it is to be run.